Founder & CEO.

Ecoware is India’s first and largest sustainable packaging company, founded in 2010 when there was little awareness about the harmful effects of plastic. Cheap oil prices had led to a proliferation of plastic production and usage. Yet, the devastation caused to the natural environment and the harmful effects on human and animal health went unnoticed.

Rhea founded Ecoware with the sole aim of improving India’s plastic menace and disrupted the food packing industry by introducing a fully compostable alternative to plastic and styrofoam. Ecoware is made from the waste of common agricultural crops that would otherwise be burnt in the open, contributing to severe air pollution.

Being a World Economic Forum ‘Young Global Leader’, Rhea has recently been honoured with The Nari Shakti Puraskar, the highest civilian honour for women in India.

Setting up a consumer business and overcoming the stigma associated with being a female business owner and a foreigner who spoke very little Hindi. Rhea convinced generational traders across India to sell a product they had never seen and that cannibalized their current revenue. One of her greatest successes has been convincing the Indian Railways, the largest food service operator in India, to switch to biodegradable.

Rhea has since been featured in various publications – Forbes, Hindustan Times, Economic Times, India Today and CNBC. She is a recognised leader in a number of fields ranging from Circular Economy and Sustainable Packaging, to Climate Change. As a mother to two young children, Rhea knows first-hand the harmful impact of pollution on the most vulnerable and this is her constant motivation to do better.

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