Who is Rhea?

Rhea Mazumdar Singhal is a leader, speaker and business pioneer. The founder and CEO of Ecoware, India’s first and largest sustainable packaging company, Rhea is an advocate for sustainability and a champion for women in business

Accolades & commendations.

Young Global Leader

Appointed a Young Global Leader (YGL) of the World Economic Forum in 2018 and currently holding the regional chair for India.

Nari Shakti Puraskar

Received the highest civilian honor for women by the President of India in Feb 2019 for her efforts to eradicate single-use plastic.

Asia 21 Young Leader

Selected as a Young Leader of the Asia Society in 2019, an honor given to dynamic individuals under 40 who influence global affairs.


A global thought leader on climate change and inclusive growth, Rhea has spoken at many forums across the globe, as well as having acted as a mentor, assessor, and role model at leading universities.


Rhea is a highly respected industry leader with a track record of delivering impressive results whilst also safeguarding the planet. Rhea can support businesses to grow in sustainable ways, inspiring people to think differently and make better decisions.

Indian Women Network
(Northern Region)

Rhea is Chairperson for the Indian Women Network – CII (Northern region), a group developing an architecture of support and guidance to empower women in the pursuit of careers in India.

Founder & CEO

Rhea founded Ecoware in 2010 when there was less awareness of the harmful effects of plastic. Since then, Rhea has collaborated with other industry leaders to help curb the proliferation of plastic production and usage.

“I want to encourage anyone to think of sustainability as an opportunity to use your business as a platform for change.

Rhea Mazumdar Singhal

Interested in working together?

Rhea works with businesses in developing many areas of their practice and expertise, inspiring people to think differently and make better decisions.